The Starbucks Culture

When I started reading Howard Behar, who was a former president of Starbucks, I realized many things that are inside, the more, bigger and better company (not just coffee) in the world such as Starbucks, Not only is it a “coffee cup”….Starbucks

When we become a customer of Starbucks – I do not mean to be a “simple” client -because even the cashier or the one who prepares coffee, you can enjoy those few minutes that the “conversation” with you engages in a “relationship” cordial and friendly that goes beyond receivable / payable or preparing coffee.

You can find the best place to relax, read, meet people, think,listen music,dates,biz and of course enjoy any kind of coffee….

ok..Something that caught my attention was the kindness in the “real” Starbucks workers…Many of them became great friends, which to this day retain their friendship and that even they helped me through difficult life, things I could never imagine.

Any person, can not belong to Starbucks, you have to have, I think, a particular personality, that will help not only to “sell” a cafe, if not that, you have to “introduce” in each customer…

Other point is the excellent Starbucks  alliance with Barnes and Nobl gives a special touch that go hand in hand, two wonderful human activities: reading and enjoying conversation or just think, with a cup of coffee in hand….

I wanted to mention my favorite     stores…Boston: Boylston St., Newbury St, Chestnut Hill, Newtonville, Newton Center,Kenmore.
Florida: Barnes and Noble in Boca Raton, Miami Beach, Aventura City,Sunny Isles…

Ok if you have cold you can enjoy a Pumkin Spice Latte or if you have Hot, your Caramel Frapuccino…or Passion Ice Tea….is awesome !

Enjoy Starbucks….

JC Giraldo

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