IKEA : Good Things,Good Price

It is important to learn how companies behave and share the culture of the country where they were created, continuing in the countries where they have branches, as they do in their countries of origin…
That’s called .. BRAND IDENTITY

Such is the case of IKEA that has originated in Sweden, one ofthe most prosperous countries in the world and its own indented, I was lucky to live in this beautiful country….If you see something very important is nationalism and patriotism of IKEA with their country of origin are your brand colors: Blue and Yellow, as is the flag of Sweden…

The things that IKEA offers, offer simplicity, that is how the Swedes live there, orderly, practical, they make your life simple,decent…that is offered by IKEA…

The Products range from furniture of all kinds, toys, to food, in the latter case, they offer real food in Sweden…for my the best…

It is very pleasant walk in IKEA stores, I was fortunate to know some in Stockholm and Miami, and now we have in IKEA Stoughton, Mass. 30 minutes from Boston…

It is important to enhance the comfort and friendly to the workers, I seemed for a second IKEA Stockholm……

I Enjoyed the most traditional Swedish food such as Kanelbullar,Köttbullar, the wine without liquor Glögg,besides having the classic IKEA bags…

If you need good things for your home and good price go to IKEA

” …affordable solutions for better living..”

Hej Då…Varsågod


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