Barnes & Noble and I

With the emergence of the Internet, many people remove the habit of reading a book.

But every day I’m going to enjoy at any Barnes & Noble, I’m convinced that even read!!!.

That’s why, BN not only “sells” books, BN sells quality, plus in each BN, feel an energy that surrounds us and we spend many hours reading, walking, or taking a coffee, because the alliance strategic Starbucks did with BN is the best that I saw., the best combination reading, and a Cafe.

We always find friendly, customer service they have is very good,good offers and all kinds of books


BN allows people to feel free to read “free”, that is the SECRET, that one way or another to feel that “freedom” we are always grateful and finally bought.

In my case, sometimes I carry my own book to read because BN is a place where you feel peaceful and relaxed…But I always buy my books there …my favorite authors are James Patterson,Dennis LehaneDavidBaldacci and the biographies that DK is on the shelves of BN are very good!

If you have code,you have discounts and offers,the stores always in order in all sections, all abouth the new Nook, and all the accessories that the reader needs, you can find in the BN…

I’ve a 2 BN that are my favorites : BN in Prudential and other is BN near to Kenmore Square

It is one of my favorite places on days off…If you like to read and buy books, breathe in an atmosphere full of good energy and nice: go to BN….


In conclusion, BN: Peace

JC Giraldo

Pic: BN in Prudential Center,Boston,Ma.

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